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The All-in-One Hub for Next-Gen Traders

vig's Terminal is the first-ever trader workspace to combine stocks, options, ETFs, crypto, alerts, earnings, movers, and more into ONE interface.

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Find Winning Trade Opportunities Faster

Get all the real-time market intelligence and analytics you need to make smarter trading decisions – all in ONE dynamic dashboard.
  • Live Price Charts

    Live Price Charts

    Experience powerful charts with options data like Volume Velocity, Momentum and Blocks built directly into them.

  • vig

    Real-Time Trade Alerts

    Avoid missing potential money making opportunities with stock, options, combo and gamma alerts.

  • Watchlists


    Create unlimited watchlists to monitor trade ideas and easily track and sort your favorite stocks and ETFs.

  • Options Flow Visualizations

    Options Flow Visualizations

    Use Tree Map, Bubble, or Bar Chart views to see the options market in different ways and uncover hidden patterns.

  • Options Scanner

    Options Scanner

    Quickly and easily run over 100 different proprietary options scans to uncover unusual options activity in real-time.

  • Options Order Flow

    Options Order Flow

    See the largest orders by the millisecond with access to the fastest real-time options flow available to the pubic.

  • Put/Call Ratio

    Put/Call Ratio

    Get the Put/Call Ratio for any stock or ETF of your choice at any time and use it to help you gauge market sentiment.

  • Earnings Calendar

    Earnings Calendar

    Search, filter, and sort upcoming earnings releases including data for revenue estimates, EPS, and more.

  • Put/Call Ratio

    Why It’s Moving Insights

    Get timely and concise one-sentence explanations of why a stock or crypto is trading higher or lower.

Stocks. Options. Crypto. ETFs.

Combining this data into one place will change the way you trade.


Stock Data


Options Data


Crypto Data


ETF Data

Stocks. Options. Crypto. ETFs.

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  • Y'all are fantastic, thank you for everything you're doing with the platform. Truly a game changer.

  • vig team keeps innovating at a fast pace and listens to customers that's why it will be one of the winners IMO!

  • Powerful stuff this data - you’ll never have to rely on another expert (or #twitter post) again.


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Terminal is part of vig PRO, which gives you affordable access to a wealth of additional trading tools, data, and resources to help you trade more confidently and achieve greater gains.

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    Real-time Stock & ETF Prices, Plus Global Crypto Prices

    Fantasy Stock Games

    Market Overview Dashboard

    Unlimited Watchlists

    Basic Market Indicators

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    Fundamental and Technical Data


  • Everything Free +

    PRO Market Indicators

    All-in-One Terminal

    Real-Time Trade Alerts for Stocks, Options & ETFs


    Radar Stock Scanner Powered by Morningstar Data

    Live Charting With Built-In Volume & Money Flow Indicators


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vig’s Terminal gives you the power to

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Eliminate Multiple Browser Windows

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