November 16th, 2021

Where Can You Pay With Crypto?

Many companies or places like Starbucks, Microsoft, Paypal, and more, accept crypto as payment.

Places You Might Not Know You Can Pay With Crypto

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, gained attention 12 years ago, which promised a payment revolution that could transfer money without a banking institution's help.

But a lot of things have happened since then. Currently, there are 11,000 crypto currencies in the market and over 400 crypto exchange platforms. This means millions of unbanked individuals can stop relying too much on cash.

About 14% of the individuals in a country like the United States own crypto currency, and many companies or places also accept crypto as payments. So, which are places that accept crypto currencies? You will find the answer through this article.


Which Are The Places You Can Pay With Cryptocurrency?

Below are some popular and well-known places or companies where you can pay or accept crypto currency as payment. Look below!


1. Starbucks

You can now use crypto to get yourself your favorite morning coffee from Starbucks. The third-party payment system known as Bakst App can make that thing possible for you. You can also trade, sell and purchase crypto currency through that particular application and use Bitcoin to pay up for what you eat at Starbucks. You don't have to utilize the debit/credit card to pay up for your meals when you can easily use crypto to get it done.


2. Microsoft

Microsoft is a company that became an early adopter of the crypto way back in 2014. The company started to accept crypto for its apps, games, products, and various other things. In 2014, Bitcoin was still alien in the market, and many businesses viewed it to be dangerous for payments. Till now, Microsoft accepts payments through Bitcoin for all its digital contents for Xbox and Windows platforms.


3. is another place where you can easily pay through crypto currency. The company started to accept crypto in 2013 and also accepts a wide range of coins. With the help of digital currencies, you can easily pay up for your hotel booking and flights. Apart from that, you can also use stable coins, such as US Dollar Coin [USDC], Ethereal, Gemini Dollar [GUSD], Bitcoin, and Doge coin to make all your payments at


4. Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban is well-known for being the proud owner of the NBA team, Dallas Mavericks. But this billionaire is also a crypto currency enthusiast. Surprisingly, his NBA team has been accepting payments through crypto currency for nearly two long years.

The Maverick fans can easily purchase game tickets and other products with the help of crypto currencies like Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin, Doge coin, Bitcoin, Gemini Dollar, Ethereal, and Finance USD [BUSD]. The most-latest addition to the crypto payment section is Doge coin.

Mark Cuban declared that his team decided to use Doge coin because, in business, it will be a good thing to do things, which are fun, exciting, and engaging. This is mainly because it helps in generating plenty of PR. On the other hand, the Dallas Mavericks also utilizes Bit Pay to easily process all its crypto payment options.


5. PayPal

If any company is out there that can defeat Microsoft, it will be a company that can blaze the trail of digital payments. Back in December 2014, Microsoft began accepting payments through Bitcoin. This happened after PayPal chose Bitcoin for payment in September 2014.

During that time, Bitcoin was getting traded as XBT instead of BTC. Since Bitcoin was viewed as an unfamiliar concept in the past, CNN defined this particular crypto currency as "an autonomous government-less currency."

But PayPal's shift towards crypto was to draw in all the businesses instead of the customers. The thing that grabbed the attention of all the consumers was Bit coin’s operation fees. The fees were a lot lower when compared with the 2% to 3% charge, which all the businesses were paying up through the debit/credit transactions.


6. Overstock

Before PayPal and Microsoft, Overstock was the company that was blazing the trail, which later on, all the industry giants began to follow. In 2018, CNN reported that Overstock had transformed completely into "a crypto company."

This was an exaggeration based on the heavy investment made by the online retailer on block chain technology. Overstock was already running as a Bitcoin veteran right before COVID-19 boosted the company to its current position as one of the hottest e-commerce sites on the blue planet.

But in January 2014, right before PayPal and Microsoft accepted the crypto currency, Overstock transformed into one of the first retailers to accept Bitcoin in the form of payment.


7. Etsy

Etsy is a company that does not have a platform to receive crypto as payment. But the company's independent sellers of this particular platform have the power to accept crypto currency through their shops if they choose. But it depends entirely on the seller whether or not they wish to add another payment option for checkout.

When all the buyers press on that option, the sellers will get the chance to message the buyers about the payment penchants – Bitcoin, in this particular case. After that, the seller will provide a Bitcoin address, which will help complete the entire transaction.

Easy has a forum, which is completely dedicated to Bitcoin. The forum contains tutorials and how all the sellers can easily promote that they accept crypto currency like Bitcoin and how to make the process as smooth as possible.


8. Rakuten

Rakutenchi, a Japanese shopping site, started to use Bitcoin as their payment option in 2015. Being a global Bitcoin rollout, the company began with in the United States right before expanding its brand-new service to its counterparts, Austrian and Germany.

Rakutenchi integrated the Bit Pay payment platform into its very own marketplaces. Since then, the company has created the Rakutenchi Wallet, which expanded to support all althorns, such as Ethereal and Bitcoin Cash. With the help of crypto assets, users can easily charge up their Rakutenchi Cash Wallet.


9. Whole Foods

In May 2019, a crypto currency dam was broken after a payment startup known as Flexi partnered up with Gemini. Gemini stands out as a digital currency firm owned and operated by the FB [Face book] famous Winklevoss twins.

This particular partnership enabled all the retailers to incorporate Flexi right under the digital scanners, which they are already utilizing to accept the phone-based payments through Apple Pay and various other digital wallets. This technology transformed Bitcoin into dollars for seamless purchase instantly.

But the one you first adopted this particular technology was none other than Whole Foods. Amazon owns the company, but Amazon itself doesn't accept payments through crypto currencies like Bitcoin for all its products and items.

10. Newegg

Newegg is a popular reputed online electronic giant that accepts Bitcoin for payments. Some companies have to convert the crypto-cash first, but Newegg will allow you to pay directly. If you are purchasing through a PC or laptop, you just have to opt for the "Pay with Bitcoin" option, and the payment work will be completed with no hassle.


Final Thoughts

Here, in this article, you will gain some useful information about Bitcoin and the companies that accept it in the form of payment. Make sure to go through each of them so that if you ever think of purchasing their products or opt for their services, you will know that you can also pay for it through crypto currency.


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