November 14th, 2021

Universities Offering Online Crypto Courses

In this article, you will discover the online courses for Crypto, Blockchain, and FinTech.

Universities That Are Offering Online Blockchain, Crypto And FinTech Courses

After the launch of Bitcoin, block chain has earned tremendous popularity, and it has become a viable means to conduct financial transactions. But the market is relatively young, and finding accurate details on specific topics takes time. 

Even though the FinTech industry has grown over time, it isn't easy to look for universities to offer Crypto, online block chain, and Fitch courses. The reason behind this is many institutions are there, making it a challenge to make a choice. 

Over time, it has been found that the demand for professionals aware of block chain and crypto currency is increasing. Considering that aspect, many aspirants are there who wish to learn about the top seven universities offering these courses. In this article, you will discover the online courses on Crypto, Blockchain, and FinTech. After finding the nitty-gritty of the programs and colleges offering them, you can decide which one to take up. 


Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)

In the world, MIT is one of the most recognized and top universities. It is known for strong academic programs, a high level of research, and exemplary instructions. In terms of financial technology, this institute has the maximum number of blockchain publications. 

They are also known to organize an annual FinTech conference that features 30 distinguished speakers worldwide working in the finance industry. Under its Digital Currency Initiative, two free block chain programs and a FinTech graduate course. Entrepreneurship without Borders is the most notable course that delves into block chain technology. 

Another course that stresses crypto currencies and block chain technology uses Blockchain Ethics. The other courses and programs are Blockchain Ethics: The Impact and Ethics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, Shared Public Ledgers: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and Other Marvels, B Digital Frontier: Emerging Blockchain Havens, Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design (free online course), and FinTech: Shaping the Financial World. 


Harvard University 

Harvard University is also known to produce living billionaires, Nobel laureates, U.S. presidents, and Fields Medalists compared to all other universities. In the U.S., it is the most prestigious and oldest higher learning university. 

Their FinTech course has the highest percentage of students, and it offers a six-week course. The program deals with real estate, banking, and other industries. Another computer science program deals with Bitcoin and blockchain. 

To offer six free online courses on cryptocurrencies and block chain, they have partnered with Coursera. From beginners, intermediate to high-levels, different courses are available. 

Additionally, the university's business school and cyberspace research center devote a section of their studies to financial technologies. Lastly, the other courses available are Blockchain Specialization (free online course), Blockchain Essentials (free online course), Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin, Blockchain Foundations for Developers (free online course), etc. 


Cornell University 

This is an Ivy League, school Cornell University is known for its academic strength and research. The Fitch industry is already highly regarded and offers two certificate programs on FinTech and block chain. Apart from that, nine FinTech and 12 blockchain programs are there. They worked with the leading financial technology for its workshops and seminars. 

A Crypto Boot Camp was conducted by the founder of Ethereal, Vitalik Buttering, with the university's students. He has a free online seminar that aspirants from across the world can go through. The other courses are Blockchain Essentials, Applications of Blockchain Technology, Entrepreneurship and Alternative Finance in Emerging Economies, Trends in FinTech, Introduction to Block chains, Crypto currencies, Smart Contracts, etc. 


University of California-Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

This university is the most sought-after worldwide and popular for its strong academic programs and high research activity. The global block chain industry has earned the highest reputations, and they have devoted an initiative to block chain technology. Every year, they offer two to three courses and dedicated research on FinTech and Blockchain. 

The research will have an impact on the medical and government sectors. Three courses that they offer are focused on block chain fundamentals, emerging systems, and lattice-based crypto systems. 

Besides that, free lecturers are always uploaded on the YouTube channel, Blockchain at Berkeley. After forming a partnership with Edx, the Blockchain Fundamentals course is offered and available for all enthusiasts. The programs available are Emerging Technologies and Social Impact Challenge Lab, Lattices: Algorithms, Complexity and Cryptography, Blockchain, Crypto economics, and the Future of Technology, Business and Law, and so on. 


National University of Singapore (NUS) 

In Asia, this university is a leading higher education institution popular for its diverse areas of study, dynamic research, and academic excellence. It is a perfect destination for crypto currency education. The institution has dedicated a financial technology lab conducting studies on the application of FinTech for several industries. 

Their objective is to create a virtual banking ecosystem within the National University of Singapore. Additionally, a block chain research community is there for entrepreneurship and research initiatives. 

For FinTech, there is a two-month certificate course with a special traineeship and professional certification upon completion. It focuses on several areas like payments, banking and enterprise applications, distributed ledgers, and several innovations in financial services. The courses included are NUS FinTechSG Programmed, Fitch: Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services, Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Distributed Ledgers, Fitch for Real: Payments and Alternatives, etc.


University of Oxford

Everyone has heard of the world's leading university's name, the University of Oxford. The university is known for its strong academics, prestige, and impactful research. Concerning financial systems, they have published several articles on crypto currencies, block chain technology, and financial technology. It includes many block chain and FinTech programs touching subjects such as software engineering and management. 

For beginners, many programs deal with multiple industries, like energy, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. The FinTech starter course has discussion topics like the digitization of currencies, banking networks, digital platforms, and crypto currencies. Some other courses are Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program, Blockchain Software engineering, and FinTech for Managers, and many more. 


University of Nicosia (UNIC) 

The UNIC is the most progressive when it comes to blockchain and crypto currencies technology. It is in Cyprus and is the largest in Southern Europe. Ten courses are available in digital currency, and out of these, two are formal graduate degrees. The Master's degree in digital currency is not available in any other institute. It covers topics from basics, banking, money, disruptive innovations, and financial systems. 

Also, it furnishes an online FinTech course for free that includes 30,000 aspirants from more than 80 nations. The subject of discussions included is Bitcoin, digital currency basics, tax regulations, and block chain applications. Their courses are Master's in Digital Currency, Blockchain Business Analyst Certification, Blockchain Financial Analyst Certification, Blockchain Law, Regulation and Policy, Introduction to Digital Currencies (free online course), and many more. 


Ending Remarks 

At this point, educating yourself on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the fetch industry is important. For that, you have to get enrolled in a proper course, and the above ones are the best options. Also, it has been seen that block chain technology is adopted by many organizations like governments, large corporations, and other global entities. It indicates that the multitude of block chain will increase over time. 

Considering that, it is crucial to understand the insights on this topic. All-in-all, it is wise to enroll in a free online course and understand the concept and then go with the paid ones. It will help learners to enjoy a bright future and make potential investments in crypto currencies.

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