November 21st, 2021

Top 5 NFT Marketplaces going into 2022

There has been a huge growth in the non-fungible tokens marketplaces.

What Are The Top 5 NFT Marketplaces Going Into 2022?

In the past few months, there has been a huge growth in the non-fungible tokens marketplaces. Have you checked them recently? If not, this article will provide insights into the top five NFT marketplaces to make the next major change in the blockchain and crypto universe. When deciding on which one to select, you will always like to go for the best. Additionally, as per a report from CryptoSlam, it has been found that the popular NFT platforms have earned $500 million in the last few months. That’s why readers must go through the below information to find out the details. They are: 


Another non-fungible token, Super Rare, also functions on the ethereum network. Launched in 2018, it is based in the United States, and most NFTs sold on this platform are created by leading artists. Several affordable NFTs are also available from unknown artists. On this site, the main focus lies on exclusive digital art. By proceeding to their browser section, you can find out which one has an open offer. You can also get their price if the designers and other related details still own the particulars. While thinking of selling the NFTs on the site, you have to pay around 15% of the sales price. Therefore, they are said to be one of the most expensive NFT marketplaces. But compared to an ordinary physical art gallery, it has a competitive fee.


It is one of the biggest non-fungible tokens worldwide and was created on the ethereum blockchain network. By default, users have to pay the necessary fee in ETH. It supports over 240 unique banking methods with different kinds of stable coins. On every transaction, the fee is 2.5% and is less compared to several other platforms. This platform allows developers and artists to mint NFT through blockchain-backed projects. The reason behind the mint method is the creator of the task is you. Also, you have the right to sell it on the blockchain. By visiting the site of OpenSea, you will come across a guide that will teach how to create NFTs with ease.  


Rarible is another top-rated marketplace to sell and buy non-fungible tokens. It lets users mint and create their own NFTs without involving coding knowledge. They permit traders to purchase innovative digital tokens. The brand was introduced by Alexander Salonika and Alexei Falin in 2020. On this platform, using the ethereum blockchain network, the items are being used. One exclusive feature that separates it from other sites is users can earn RARI tokens. 

It has the simplest minting process, and newbie’s can opt for this site without basic coding knowledge. They are known to complete several seeding funding rounds like MetaCartel Ventures, Bollinger Investment Group, Coin base Ventures, and Coin Fund.


It is another national fungible site functioning on the ethereum blockchain network. Since 2020, the site has been active and based in the United States. Like Super Rare, you can find several items from different artists, and the main focus is the amazing digital arts by established and popular NFTs creators. While using Foundation, you have to connect with Ledger or Metalmark wallet. It is available on the browser, which you can get after opening the official page. There is a default filter where the time when the auction will get over is displayed. 


Many of them have heard the name Mintable, have you? It is another NFT site operating on the popular ethereum network. Here you can sell and buy different NFTs. Zach Burks launched the platform in 2018, and you can connect to the wallet by visiting the site. Some wallets to use are Rainbow, Metalmark, and Trust Wallet. On Minable, you have the permission to purchase and sell various items, like Art, Game Items, Music, Collectibles, Domains, etc. Not only using a crypto wallet, but you can also pay through credit cards. But while doing so, you have to pay a fee of 5%. 

Other NFTs to look out for: 

Apart from the top five NFTs, several other marketplaces are also available that you can explore. The details about them are included here, which you can check. 

NBA Top Shot 

It is a blockchain-based and NFT platform allowing users to trade, buy and sell licensed NBA video highlights digitally. NBA Top Shot also functions on the ETH network and is a joint venture between the NBA Players Association and Dapper Labs (blockchain developer) and the NBA. It is completely approved and legit by the NBA. The objective of using this site is it allows fans to trade unique video highlights between them. 

Axie Infinity 

It is a popular play-to-earn online game that is now considered an NFT site. Axie Infinity operated on ETH and looks like it is more or less like Pokémon. But there is a unique difference, and it is the in-game resource markets, and they are controlled and open by players. It allows them to make a huge profit using which the game is generated. Using Axie NFTs, you can play these games, and these Axie can be collected, battled, and used to gain crypto currencies.


SoRare is a perfect site for soccer fans as they can develop a squad. Also, you can compete in the football leagues, and playing these games is lucrative and fun. Here there is a limitation on the supply of cards that means owning the best player can be rewarding. Your objective should be high to earn the top rank to win more prizes. On March 14, 2021, for Cristiano Ronald, an NFT card was sold at $289,920. Soccer fans can prefer using this application and having fun. 


Vinyl was introduced in February 2021 and focuses on blockchain games. Based in Belgium, it is another NFT marketplace operating on Polygon, Finance, and ETH networks. While writing, over 100K gamers start operating, which makes the platform a huge one. Generally, it is made up of two parts. The first one is where there are game creators and studios. The second one is where collectors and gamers are present. 

CryptoPunks or Larva Labs 

Because of the viral CryptoPunksNFT project, Larva Labs became a hot topic. Originally, it was introduced in 2017, but several Crypto Punks have been sold for millions of dollars since then. They also have several other digital art projects like ethereum blockchain-based app development and Autoglyphys projects. The NFTs are sold out, but they can be brought back and bad on from several third-party marketplaces. Several projects on this platform are worthy of bidding on, and you can check them by visiting their page. 

Planning to Invest In NFTs 

Considering NFTs are a path, you can plan to start investing in digital collectibles, assets, art, etc. Pick the one that suits your storage and buying demands. Depending on the non-fungible tokens you are interested in, use the cryptocurrency to make the transaction. Additionally, remember that it is a highly speculative and new industry. That’s why some tokens can have high rocket value while others might be less. Hence, it would be best to make an overall investment strategy and then invest. Make sure to check the fee before deciding on which NFT marketplace to choose. 


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