December 6th, 2021

Top 10 DeFi projects for 2022

DeFi is an abbreviation for decentralized finance.

If you follow the financial markets, you've probably heard the terms "decentralized finance" and "DeFi" a lot. Consumers or millionaire investors alike are taking notice of the flourishing peer-to-peer crypto networks, and it's becoming a typical feature of broad crypto investment. It sounds very interesting — and it really is — but what precisely is it? What distinguishes DeFi from another crypto sector you're familiar with? In this article, we will discuss the top DeFi projects that will be successful in 2022.

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What is DeFi?

DeFi is an abbreviation for decentralized finance. It includes any financial services built on the blockchain and exists as daps, protocols or otherwise have additional smart contract functions; to provide decentralization beyond what was previously possible from a centralized service provider. DeFi has been around since 2012 with pioneers such as Maker DAO. 

Still, until late 2017 go-to products were limited in number and had more niche utility cases – this led to low interest from potential users outside of those who already understood cryptocurrency at a deeper level. However, there’s now a surge in activity around DeFi projects following 2018 hype surrounding Ethereum/CryptoKitties and subsequent growth in awareness about how it can bring positive change to markets through trustless automation.

The DeFi network's objectives are concise:

  • Get rid of the paperwork: Smart contracts are executed digitally using blockchain technology, and there is no paperwork and no waiting for settlements to clear at the bank.
  • Remove the middlemen: The blockchain eliminates the need for human middlemen by automating the contractual process, removing the need for outsider mediators such as attorneys to handle agreements among parties.
  • Increase the speed: DeFi enables doing business extremely fluid and speedy from start to end by eliminating the need to rely on several parties or cope with transaction wait times.
  • Take advantage of the chance: Several economic opportunities given by DeFi platforms are typically only available to big financial entities such as hedge funds or banks. DeFi is bridging the financial oligarchy's divide with the person.

The Top 10 DeFi Projects for 2022

  • Avalanche

Avalanche (AVAX) bills itself as the "quickest smart contracts system in the blockchain space" while cementing its position in the burgeoning NFT area and establishing connections with other blockchain initiatives. Due to its capacity to enable cheaper operations relatively quickly, the project sees itself as a direct competitor to Ethereum.

  • Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized database method that offers oracle networks to interact smart contracts with facts from the actual world. Chainlink has ordered the formation of a Customizable Token Bridge, which will enable new DeFi blockchain connectivity. This will allow DeFi to expand appropriately and avoid the bottlenecks that plagued initial blockchain implementations.

  • Aave

Aave (AAVE), formerly known as Ethylene is among the first DeFi systems on the market. Agave is a decentralized stability platform that lets users borrow assets while also receiving incentives for their deposits. It connects borrowers and lenders in a decentralized environment, allowing for a fair lending system. Setting the AAVE currency just on the Agave DeFi network could also bring you points and discounts.

  • Cardano

For its excellent energy utilization data and evidence of stake protocols, Cardamom (ADA), one of the nation's biggest blockchain projects, is commonly referred to as the "Green Blockchain." Cardamom revealed this month that all current $100 million investments in decentralized finance, NFTs, and Bitcoin education are boosting the ecosystem.

  • Terra Luna

Terra Luna is an amazing contract network for the future generation that mixes decentralized finance with the notion of crypto assets. Its platform offers stable coins, which provide instant payments, cheap costs, and seamless cross-border trade. Luna serves as the temporary backbone that holds Terra, its stable coin twin, in check. When you combine the increasing popularity of DeFi with the major attention crypto assets are receiving from both governments and companies, LUNA is a currency to keep an eye on.

  • Polkadot

The Polkadot relay chain supports a network where separate blockchains may communicate data and information trust-free. Polka dot is essentially a blockchain interoperability protocol, and it is currently the only project on our list that has launched a main net. Polka dot, and applications that use it, will be quicker and more flexible than Thorium’s present offering. It helps the network's overall potential growth by serving as a basis for DeFi initiatives to expand beyond Ethereum.

  • Uniswap

Uniswap (UNI) is a decentralized exchange that enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrency straight from their wallets for a cheap fee. The AMM (automatic market maker) offers enough stability on its system, allowing for high traffic and quick dealing. Uniswaps native coin, UNI, may be available on investing sites outside the DeFi networks, such as Voyager, because of its success and potential growth. Its success has given it attention from users, investors and other platforms. As a result, Unsnap may be available on investing sites outside the DeFi networks in 2022 because of its potential growth.

  • Polygon

Polygon (MATIC) is a decentralized application platform and Ethereum Layer 2 scalable solution that is widely used and expanding. The Ethereum blockchain now houses the bulk of DeFi initiatives. It does have compatibility, flexibility, & security features. Polygon essentially provides some traffic lanes to Ethereums frequently used Layer 1 freeway. As a result, lower Ethereum congestion implies quicker speeds and greater advantages for the DeFi network.


  • Synthetix

Synthetic (SNX), a fast-expanding decentralized exchange, allows crypto to be exchanged for equities, commodities, currencies, and some other assets which London still controls, and Hong Kong's standard finance organizations. Its striking feature would be that it enables users to create their original synthetic commodities, known as "synchs," which may be used to trade cryptocurrencies, fiat, derivatives, and other types of assets. USD, Bitcoin, gold, Euros, Tesla stocks and other digital currencies are examples. This implies that customers may wager on the value of the stock without really holding it, making Synthetic among the most popular DeFi options on the market.

  • Solana

With all of its evidence of history, Solana (SOL) is redefining consensus procedures (how platforms validate transitions - "yes, that transaction happens."). This implies that all operations are confirmed accurate by a timestamp just on-chain, rather than staking or mining the network to validate them. Solana is Ethereum's major rival since it offers a rapid transaction pace while remaining a Layer 1 system, which means it doesn't require the assistance of some other platform to complete these operations.

The Future of DeFi

DeFi systems are going through a phase, and they're receiving a lot of attention from both customers and investors. Every day, DeFi funds raise more dollars to support initiatives, enhance and develop platforms, and expand an already robust network. These improvements open the path towards financial fairness by making critical and previously inaccessible financial instruments more accessible. DeFi bridges the gap, removing the barriers that formerly limited economic development to the privileged few. Defies future has already arrived, and it's for everybody.

The Bottom Line

DeFi stands for decentralized finance, and it’s built on top of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH). It allows users to create digital assets that represent real-world value without trusting a third party or depositing their funds in an exchange wallet. This system can be used by anyone who owns cryptocurrency through applications such as Maker DAO. DeFi projects are growing in popularity because they allow individuals greater control over their capital while also giving them more options when seeking financial solutions online.

What are the top 10 DeFi projects for 2022?