January 7th, 2021The Juice

2020...Hold My Beer...

This week has been interesting...

Yesterday the US Capital building was 'taken' by bandits but then subsequently 'given back' in the same day???...to that, the A$AP Call Buying Guild issued a statement...   


And they were correct, $IWM rallied 4% yesterday even with the 'events' and tacked on another 2% today. $TSLA up 8% today. $BTC scorching over $40,000 today. You can just smell the victory can't you?? Here is a scene from the locker room of team $ASAP... 


Here is every post about $TSLA and $BTC today wrapped up into one GIF (even Chamath got involved and told Peter Schiff ...'F#ck You') because at this point all rationale and sensibility has left the building and it is all about being able to... 


Lest we not forget the bears who are driving away as 'the poors' in the 'poor's car' driven by Ted with their luggage stuffed in the back...this is the price to pay when you don't HODL...


Most everyone (even the $ASAP crew) is agreeing at this point...


Measuring our favorite indicator as of the last 60 days we head over to single stock call buying...it was trading day number 33 out of the last 35 with a sub 0.60 reading...finished with a 0.36 reading...back to palpable nirvana. 

Our friend Mr. Greedy is still eating that G-amma on the single stocks...and he seems to have a whole new speculative push with that fresh $2,000 stimmy for MOAR GAMMA for his belly...  

SO FAR...THIS Ron...(bullish A$AP Call Buying Guild lifetime member and orange-robe wearing Ron)...is telling everyone what time it is...


BUT Ron, Ron...just listen...this is really getting out of hand, it might be worth buying some hedges maybe...


What do I think? Well, its bulls on parade which was largely expected this week, but Treasuries, the Dollar, and Volatility seem to have some things worth watching here going into next week (especially the $USD...I know I know I know I am a broken one record DJ... but seriously though...) 

CLICK HERE for my full daily market summary thoughts (about 10-12 min long) where I discuss options flows, VOLs, and indicators. Below, in the Under the Hood video, we discuss the charts and levels. 

Have a great start to 2021 and watch the FLOWs, watch the levels, and watch your six! 






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What is a resistance level? 

In technical analysis, a resistance level is the price level which a security fails to go above due to the increasing number of traders that wish to sell that security at that price.  The resistance levels can be identified by drawing either a straight line or slightly angled line across a chart of a security’s price for a specific length of time that connects its highest price points.

Resistance levels are important as they provide an indication of what price investors will most likely sell a particular security.  However, it is important to note that resistance levels, just like support levels, are not set in stone.  They can change over time for a security, depending on a variety of conditions.



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