April 20th, 2020

Funk-a-do 4/20 Blog Takeover

Meet your new best bud in cannabis investing  

Perhaps it was the crown, perhaps it was simply the smell of funk-a-doo drifting down the hall. Either way…feeling a bit saucy I say to myself, "how dare these big market reporting scrubs make me scour the freakin' web for half a day to find out the smallest bit of cannabis investment news."

I type in ¾ of the cannabis stocks to see what their story is, and the data is nonexistent. You have piece it together like the pipe your friend broke at 2AM. And option love.

This will not stand!


The Dude - This Will Not Stand Scene


With the globally recognized day of 4/20 and funk-a-doo upon us today, it seems proverbial, poetic, and a perfectly cheesy time to announce the upcoming launch of a better solution to making loot in cannabis investing. 

Instead of folks spending half a day (and half a joint) doing recon at the four corners of the earth, we're going to make it easy by compiling the stories, stocks, option activity, and real-time data...all in one location. You'll be able to set up alerts, create watchlists, and a stay in the know with a regularly updated cannabis news feed.  

The larger media may want to ignore and underestimate investment opportunities in cannabis or half ass with their coverage, creating blind-spots for believers in the market. That wont work.

There's tobacco, there's alcohol, there's pharmaceuticals…companies worth billions. And now there's cannabis. There will be companies that are funk-a-do's and sadly more that are funk-a-don'ts. This channel will make it way easier for you to make investing decisions by providing you access to the same level of tools and speed that are typically reserved for other industries and bigger players.

Be on the lookout for our official launch announcement in the upcoming weeks and have yourself a happy 4/20! Enjoy your day whether you puff or not. The goal of the day is to chill...(and invest)! Learn
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