October 8th, 2021

Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.

The age-old Wall Street adage still rings true today.

Wall Street has always referenced this saying because it's completely true. Bulls (investors with a bias towards optimism and growth) are very likely to make money over time as stocks and indexes typically increase in value in the long run. Bears (investors with a bias towards pessimism) always have their day in the sun too, especially when prices become too high (overvalued/overbought) and rapidly correct themselves, providing opportunities for large, swift gains. Being a bull or a bear is just a matter of preference. Being a pig on the other hand, now that's bad for both one's health and investment accounts.  

The pig gets slaughtered by bulls and bears alike. This is usually because they're always bullish/bearish too late, too soon, or simply have the wrong investment thesis altogether. They don't use the right strategic tools, always follow the wrong advice, never have a strategic investment plan, and never pick a side. They're susceptible to misinformation and/or disinformation since they also don't have reliable outlets for accurate and actionable investment knowledge.  We use the world reliable very poignantly in this case. In today's day and age, we've never had more information available to us as investors. This also means we've never had been more bad information available to us, which is why the chances of us ending up as a pig in the slaughterhouse are greater than they've ever been before in the history of stock market investing.

So, how do you not end up a pig? You're already off to a good start by reading this article and also by looking for investment decision making intelligence tools like vigtec that take massive amounts of large market moving data and information (way more than we could ever manually consume as humans) and break them down at rapid speeds into usable, actionable strategies and digitized outputs. You'll always have the choice of whether to be more bull or more bear, but you need decision-making intelligence tools to help you navigate the market and create strategies that allow you to increase your probability of generating better returns. This is how you decrease your chances of becoming the proverbial 'pig' at the stock market party. will always be about the data and analytics – not the narrative.  We won't tell you to be bullish or bearish (that's your choice as an investor), but we'll tell you what zones to watch for in the market and the total composition of any stock, ETF, or mutual fund you're evaluating. Bulls and bears can both make great returns when the right strategies are deployed at the right times. There's always opportunity in something, somewhere for any bias to profit from, which is why we love the world's markets! When you have the right tools and resources at your disposal, there's absolutely nothing to fear about investing in the stock market. We are committed to providing you with exactly that: the most consumable, easy-to-use and applicable investment knowledge and decision making intelligence tools that you can be a bull...or a bear...

Be informed.  Be proactive.  Be strategic.  Be a bull.  Be a bear.  Just don't be a pig. Bears Bulls Pigs
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