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Top 10 Most Popular Questions
What is stock screening?Stock screening is the process of filtering through a list of stocks based on a pre-defined set of criteria. [Read More]
What is return on investment?Return on Investment (ROI) is a metric used to assess an investment’s performance and/or compare different investment opportunities in a standardized manner. [Read More]
What is stock picking?Stock picking is when a trader utilizes an analysis platform to assess a set of stocks to find the best investment opportunity, and then adds that stock or stocks to his/her portfolio.[Read More]
What is an ETF?ETF stands for exchange-traded fund. An ETF a special kind of security that is like a mutual fund in its composition, but has a share price that allows trading throughout the trading day, unlike mutual funds which only settle at the end of the day.[Read More]
What are market indicators?Indicators are items (data, reports, etc.) that give a trader information regarding the performance of everything from the overall economy to individual companies. [Read More]
What is a Bar Chart? A bar chart in the financial world highlights the same five pieces of information that candlestick charts do, but in a different way. By visually depicting the opening and closing prices, the high and low prices, and whether there was a gain or loss, bar charts are a quick and easy reference to identify performance and more importantly, trends within a security or market’s price.[Read More]
What are options?Options are derivative contracts that derive their value from an underlying asset. They give the right to either buy or sell a set amount of an underlying asset at a predetermined price at or before the options expiration. [Read More]
Why are options utilized?Options are a powerful tool for investors, they can be utilized for many different reasons including, but not limited to the following:[Read More]
What is buying a call? An investor who buys a call is buying the right to purchase the underlying shares at the specific option strike. Buying a call allows investors the opportunity to participate in the underlying security’s expected appreciation during the length of the option. [Read More]
What is selling a put? Selling a naked put is when an investor writes (sells) a put without holding the cash to purchase the shares or being short the shares. This strategy entails substantial risk for limited return. [Read More]