AvatarAuto Parts O E M
Auto Parts O E M
Companies that focus on the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of automotive parts.
AvatarBuilding Products
Building Products
Companies that manufacturer building components, home improvement products, and equipment.
AvatarElectrical Products
Electrical Products
Companies that manufacture electrical motors, commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and electrical power equipment.
AvatarIndustrial Conglomerates
Industrial Conglomerates
Companies engaged in multiple business lines within the industrial sector, where at least two business lines comprise a substantial portion of the company's total operation.
AvatarIndustrial Machinery
Industrial Machinery
Companies that that produce and maintain machines for consumers, the industry, and most other companies in the economy.
AvatarMetal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Companies that focus on building machines and structures from raw metal materials including cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly.
AvatarMiscellaneous Manufacturing
Miscellaneous Manufacturing
Companies that focus on the manufacturing of products which do not fall into industry standardized classification(s).
AvatarOffice Equipment Or Supplies
Office Equipment Or Supplies
Companies that produce digital office equipment, such as copiers, printers, facsimile equipment, and postage meters.
AvatarTrucks Or Construction Or Farm Machinery
Trucks Or Construction Or Farm Machinery
Companies that design and build agricultural, construction and other large commercial and transportation equipment.