AvatarFinance Or Rental Or Leasing
Finance Or Rental Or Leasing
Companies that provide goods for a specific time in exchange for payment.
AvatarFinancial Conglomerates
Financial Conglomerates
Corporations (typically very large) holding a variety of diverse and sometimes unrelated subsidiary companies.
AvatarInsurance Brokers Or Services
Insurance Brokers Or Services
Companies that primarily offer insurance and reinsurance products and services.
AvatarInvestment Banks Or Brokers
Investment Banks Or Brokers
Companies that focus on financial services relating to the development, procurement, facilitation, and distribution of the exchanges of securities between parties.
AvatarInvestment Managers
Investment Managers
Companies who focus on the handling of financial assets and other investments in order to meet the specified investment goals of their client investors.
AvatarLife Or Health Insurance
Life Or Health Insurance
Companies that sell policies the promise to payout a benefit to the policyholder if a covered event occurs during the term of the policy.
AvatarMajor Banks
Major Banks
Commercial banks that have greater than $500.0 billion in domestic assets under management (AUM) and operations that are not limited to one state.
AvatarMulti Line Insurance
Multi Line Insurance
Companies that offer multi-line insurance contracts that bundle exposures to different risk types and covers them under a single contract.
AvatarProperty Or Casualty Insurance
Property Or Casualty Insurance
Companies that insure against accidents of non-physical harm which includes (but not limited to) lawsuits, damage to personal assets, and car crashes.
AvatarReal Estate Development
Real Estate Development
Companies engaged in diversified Real Estate activities including operating companies, development companies and services.
AvatarReal Estate Investment Trusts
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Companies that own or finance income-producing real estate across a range of property sectors.
AvatarRegional Banks
Regional Banks
Commercial banks that have between $50.0 billion and $500.0 billion in domestic assets under management (AUM) and operations that are not limited to one state.
AvatarSavings Banks
Savings Banks
Banks chartered by a central or regional government, without capital stock, that is owned by its members who subscribe to a common fund.
AvatarSpecialty Insurance
Specialty Insurance
Companies that focus on insuring high-risk, non-standard, high-hazard, small markets, single customers, niche markets, and unique product lines.