Will Ethereum Ever Reach Bitcoin Prices?


We all know, Bitcoin and Ethereum are two leading different coins of the crypto market. It has been seen that both have been giving huge profits for the last few years; now the question which arises in everyone’s mind is, will the Ethereum price ever come close to Bitcoins price? We all know that Ethereum is not limited like Bitcoin. Hence, people want the Ethereum price to rise to enjoy a handsome profit just by sitting in their home.


Will Ethereum Prices Come Near Bitcoin?


We all know that Ethereum does a better job of supporting development on its Block chain, and it also has a very lightweight proof of stake mining model compared to Bitcoin. This simply means that it has a high chance of being the backbone of web 3.0. Professionals claim that Thorium’s growth will be much higher than Bitcoin in the next few years.


The Bottom Line


It has been claimed that Ethereum is going to be the number one coin in the crypto market. So, if you are the one who is thinking of investing in the crypto market but is unable to figure out where to invest, you should invest in Ethereum as it will give more than 1000% profit in just a few years.