What information is on my Watchlist in Tile view?

Key security trading information is available to you on your Watchlist when you have selected the Tile view.  Using the ticker symbol VUZI below, you have the following information visible to you:


  • Security Ticker and Logo:  While some securities have memorable ticker symbols, many do not.  By having the company’s logo next to the symbol, you will know instantaneously who you are looking at.
  • Company Name:  The legal name of the entity as registered with the exchange.
  • Price Chart for Most Recent Trading Session:  The price chart for most recent trading session is displayed with a dotted line indicating the opening price and a color-coded price chart to help you quickly identify which securities are up and which securities are down for the day.
  • Current Price/Share:  The current price/share is featured above the Price Chart for additional detail.
  • Up/Down in Dollars:  A color-coded display of how many dollars the security is up or down for the current session.
  • Up/Down in Percent:  A color-coded display of the percentage the security is up or down for the current session.
  • vSCORE:  vigtec’s proprietary scoring system is featured by the color-coded shading on the right side of the tile.  To view the complete vSCORE, click on the tile, and it will be at the top of the Overview pane that appears on the left side of the window (not pictured below).


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