What information is on my Watchlist in List view?

A wide variety of information is available to you on your watchlist when you have selected the List view.  Going from left to right, you have the following information:


  • Security Ticker and Logo:  While some securities have memorable ticker symbols, many do not.  By having the company’s logo next to the symbol, you will know instantaneously who you are looking at.
  • Company Name:  The legal name of the entity as registered with the exchange.
  • Security Type:  What type of security (stock, ETF, mutual fund, etc.) the item is.
  • Active Alerts:  If you have alerts active on a particular security, the most recently triggered alerts are displayed for your review.
  • Price Chart for Most Recent Trading Session:  The price chart for most recent trading session is displayed with a dotted line indicating the opening price and a color-coded price chart to help you quickly identify which securities are up and which securities are down for the day.
  • Current Price/Share:  The current price/share is featured to the right of the Price Chart for additional detail.
  • Up/Down in Dollars:  A color-coded display of how many dollars the security is up or down for the current session.
  • Up/Down in Percent:  A color-coded display of the percentage the security is up or down for the current session.
  • vSCORE:  vigtec’s proprietary scoring system is featured in the final column, and is also color coded based on the score.



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