How do I view my vSPACE algo subscriptions?


This guide assumes that you have already logged into your vigtec® account and are on the My Plan screen in your Account Profile.  If you need to review these processes, please feel free to read the How do I log into my vigtec® account? and How do I view my current plan? guides.


Your vSPACE algo subscriptions are on the same screen as your plan.


  • The LEFT column contains the algo thumbnail and name, as well as a message notifying you that your subscription to that particular algo is going to end at the end of the billing period.
  • The CENTER column contains the monthly price that you are billed for that algo.
  • The RIGHT column contains the cancel (X) and re-subscribe (check mark icon) buttons, as well as the detail button (link icon).
 Algo Subscriptioin