How do I use the Watchlist window on my Dashboard?


This guide assumes that you have already logged into your vigtec® account and have added at least one (1) security to your Watchlist.  If you need to review these processes, please feel free to read the How do I log into my vigtec® account?, How do I add a security to my Watchlist in List View?, and How do I add a security to my Watchlist in Tile View? guides.


The Watchlist window on your Dashboard features all the securities on your default Watchlist.


  • The LEFT column contains the symbol and name of each security.
  • The RIGHT column contains the current share price, and the gain/loss from the most recent trading session in both currency and percentage format.  The color-coded end of the row indicates the range for the security's vSCORE.


You can see your entire Watchlist by placing your mouse anywhere over the Watchlist window and scrolling up or down with the wheel on the mouse.  Note:  If your mouse does not have a wheel, hover your mouse to the right of the color coded vSCORE, and a scroll bar will appear.  Click and hold the scroll bar to scroll up and down your Watchlist.
 Dashboard Watchlist Window