How do I use the Pulse Feed on my Dashboard?


1.  Your Pulse Feed is your one-stop shop for the alerts from all your Marketplace algos and vigtec Pulse Feed Channels.  Each alert indicates the algo or channel that generated it, the symbol affected (if applicable), and a brief description of the alert.




App dashboard Pulse Feed




2.  In addition to telling you what alert was triggered for a particular security, your Pulse Feed provides you one-click functionality to a wide variety of tasks, including:


  • The ability to search the contents of your feed for a particular symbol or algo;
  • The ability to filter the contents of your feed so that you only see what you want to see; and
  • The ability to like an alert (the “thumbs up” icon), add the symbol to your default watchlist (the “watchlist” icon), access the vigtec Knowledge base (“?”), and the ability to go to the security details page (the “forward arrow” icon).


For more information on how to maximize your utilization of the Pulse Feed across the platforms, visit the Knowledge Base articles about the Pulse Feed.




App Dashboard Pulse