How do I use the Portfolio Performance window on my Dashboard?


This guide assumes that you have already logged into your vigtec® account and have set up at least one (1) Portfolio.  If you need to review these processes, please feel free to read the How do I log into my vigtec® account? and the How do I create a new Portfolio? guides.


1.  Your Portfolio Performance window on your Dashboard displays the Performance graph and Breakdown for the Portfolio that is selected in the Portfolio window on your Dashboard.


  • Like the Performance graph in the Portfolio section, the Portfolio window allows you to select a date range from a preset list of options in the TOP LEFT of the window.
  • Initially, the Portfolio Performance window displays the Portfolio’s performance against the benchmarks.  To hide the available benchmarks that can be used for comparison, click on HIDE BENCHMARKS.
  • Like the Benchmarks on the Performance graph in the Portfolio section, you can individually add them to the graph by clicking on the square next to their name.  Once you are done, the screen will refresh, and the selected Benchmarks will now be visible in the window.




App Dashboard Portfolio




2.  To view your Portfolio Breakdown, click on the toggle switch at the center top of the Portfolio window.  You screen will refresh and display the following information:


  • The left side of the window will display the total current value of the selected portfolio, as well as any unrealized gains or losses for the day and for the entire time the portfolio has been active.  The view defaults to currency, so click on the toggle switch beneath it to view the information in percentages.
  • The right side of the window will display the breakdown of your portfolio in terms of what percentage of the selected portfolio is made up stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and cash.



App Dashboard Portfolio