How do I upload a list of securities to my Watchlist in Tile view?

1.  Click on the black arrow next to the name of the currently displayed watchlist to reveal your list of active watchlists and select the watchlist that you would like to add securities to.  When that watchlist appears, click on the “+” button in the top right corner of the window.



App watchlist



2.  Click on the Upload List button, and then click on the Download Template button to download the template needed to upload your list.



Upload a list of securities to my Watchlist



3.  Open the upload template and then replace the demo symbols with the symbols that you would like to upload.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT put a space after the commas and before the next symbol.  Your entry needs to look like one long run-on list as pictured below.  When you are done, save the template with either an .xlsx or .xls file extension (standard Microsoft Excel format that is done automatically, but provided to you for educational purposes).



a list of securities to my Watchlist



4.  Click on the Upload File field in the pop-up to find your list and select it for upload (not pictured).  Once the file is successfully prepped, the file name and extension will appear below the Upload File field as highlighted in the picture below.  Click on the Import Data button.



Import data my Watchlist



5.  Once the securities have been successfully added to your watchlist, the notification message will pop-up on your screen and let you know how many securities were successfully added as well as how many were not.  If you wish to know which specific securities were not added for example (let’s say it was a symbol for non-US exchange entered by accident), click on the blue circle with the “i” in it to view the list of securities.  To clear the notification box and view your watchlist, click on the Cancel button.



Import Data my Watchlist



6.  Your watchlist with the newly added securities are now added to your watchlist.



App Watchlist