How do I upgrade my current plan?


This guide assumes that you have already logged into your vigtec® account, have successfully added a payment option, and are in vSPACE.  If you need to review these processes, please feel free to read the How do I log into my vigtec® account?, How do I add a new payment method?, and How do I view vSPACE? guides.


1.  Hover your mouse in either the bottom left (as indicated in the picture below) or the bottom right of the first ribbon on the vSPACE home page.  Use the arrow that appears to scroll through the options to find the plan that you would like to upgrade to (in this example, it is the Advanced Plan).  Click on the Advanced Plan tile in the ribbon.




web upgrade my current plan




2.  When you click on the Add Bundle button, the purchase pop-up will appear.  There are several items of note in this pop-up:


  • The monthly cost of the plan is listed at the top of the purchase pop-up.  This cost includes your upgrade, takes into account your current plan and if you have purchased any individual algos that are also included the upgrade.  This way, you are not paying for anything twice.
  • The promo code box allows you to put in a promo code to receive a discount on your upgrade at the time of your purchase (which in this case features the promo code SUMMER2020).
  • The Today’s Total is the pro-rated amount that will be charged to your card on file at the time of purchase when you click on Confirm.  To read more about pro-rated amounts, see the How do the pro-rated charges work? article.


Click on Confirm to complete your upgrade.




upgrade my current plan