How do I create an account?


You can create a count from anywhere on the vigtec® website by clicking on Sign In in the top right of the screen, and then clicking on Create an account in the Log-In pop-up.  This guide shows how to create an account from vSPACE.


1.  Click on Sign Up.
 Go To Signup




2.  Complete the account creation form, making sure you complete all the fields on the form.  When you are done, click on the Continue button.
 Fill Signup Info




3.  Read the vigtec® License Agreement and then click on the checkbox next to I AGREE at the bottom of the pop-up window.  Then click on the Create account button to continue.  Note: You will not be able to click on the checkbox next to I AGREE unless you have scrolled down to the bottom of the License Agreement.
 Singup Read Terms




4.  When you receive the six-digit Verification Code via text message, enter that into the Verification Code field and click on the OK button at the bottom of the window (not pictured).
 Signup Verification Code




5.  You will receive a notification that your account has been successfully created.  Close that notification by clicking on the X in the top right corner.
 Account Created




6.  Once you have successfully activated your account, your screen will refresh, and you will taken back to vSPACE to continue browsing as pictured below.  If you created your account using the Sign In screen, you will be taken to your Home Screen for your account (not pictured here).
 Signup Upgrade Plan




7.  To finalize your account, you must verify your email address.  You will receive a verification email shortly after completing the account creation process, and all you need to do is click on Please confirm your account in the email to complete the verification process.