How do I cancel my vSPACE algo subscriptions?


This guide assumes that you have already logged into your vigtec® account and are on the My Plan screen in your Account Profile.  If you need to review these processes, please feel free to read the How do I log into my vigtec® account? and How do I view my current plan? guides.


1.  Find the algo subscription you would like to cancel (the Snap Back algo in this example), and click on the X.




Activate Snap Back




2.  Click on Confirm to process the algo subscription cancellation, or Cancel if you decided to keep the algo subscription.  Once you click on the Confirm button, the screen will refresh and you will see a confirmation notification in the blue box in the bottom corner of the screen (not pictured).




Subscription Confirm




3.  You will now also see the message under the Snap Back algo indicating that you have access to this algo until the billing cycle ends.  In addition, you also have the ability to re-subscribe to that algo by clicking on the check icon and following the prompts.




Subscription of Snap Back