Ethereum and the Metaverse


The Metaverse is more than just a speculation, it's more than just an idea, and while some people know about it, some still don't. So let me tell you what Ethereum and the Metaverse are all about. This story started with Bitcoin in 2009. 


While Bitcoin was not yet known, Satoshi Nakamoto had released the white paper for Bitcoin on October 31st 2008. People started to get interested in mining bitcoins by 2010, but few did it until Bitcoin price rose past $1 around the 2011-12ish time frame. 


Bitcoin were selling at $5 per coin around November 2012 when Butterfly Labs announced they were making ASIC miners.


What is Money in The Metaverse?


If Ethereum, competing base layer systems (such as Solana or Avalanche), as well as "the Metaverse", succeed, the meaning of money will grow considerably wider than its current currency limits. Protocols have already been raising cash, and traders are judging their holdings against ether rather than dollars and even althorns. 


The usage of ethereum as cash, however, does not invalidate fiat, stablecoins, or even other repositories of value. It is just a supplement — one that has the ability to be a Metaverse currency.