Can I Buy an NFT With Ethereum?


Yes, you can buy an NFT with Ethereum. In fact, you need Ethereum to get into the world of NFT because it is the native currency used in this blockchain network. As such, most of the NFTs are built on Ethereum. In order to get Ethereum, you will have to go to a reliable cryptocurrency exchange.  


It is important to mention in this regard that not every exchange will let you purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. However, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency (based on market cap), which means it is listed on every exchange. If you are new to buying NFTs, here is a quick guide to show you the way.  


Steps to purchase NFTs with Ethereum 

  • Purchase Ethereum from a cryptocurrency exchange that you can rely on 
  • Get a good crypto wallet for yourself. 
  • Send Ethereum to the wallet from the cryptocurrency exchange 
  • Sync the wallet using an NFT marketplace 
  • Purchase an NFT from that marketplace using the Ethereum you have stored in the crypto wallet. 


Though most of the NFTs can be purchased with Ethereum, several exceptions exist out there. Some of the NFTs are based on other NFT-based blockchains meant to serve as alternatives to Ethereum.