Can I Buy a Fraction of Ethereum?


One way to look at Ethereum is to think about it as a decentralized app store. As of 2017, apps written in C++, Java, and Python are the most popular, but there's no reason you couldn't build your language on top of Ethereum as well. 


The possibilities for what you can create with Ethereum as a base are endless - from democratic autonomous organizations to a two-player block chain-based chess game. There's even a blackjack casino that runs entirely on Ethereum smart contracts.


However, if you're building something where every user will need their unique token for some internal use or currency exchange, then yes, you would generally want at least some fraction of Ethereum. Tokens are created by a process called "minting" in Ethereum, and the more tokens you want to create, the more ETH you'll need to spend. 


In addition, there's a limit on how many tokens can be created in any given block, so if your project is especially popular, you may find that you run up against that limit. Thus, in short, the answer is yes - you can buy fractions of Ethereum. 


Also, keep in mind that you may need more or less than just a fraction depending on what you're building. And as with anything else in life, it always pays to do your research before investing.